Our Team


Dr Anthony Lugara

Chiropractic has always been a major part of Anthony’s life. Receiving Chiropractic care at a young age allowed him to understand the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle.

After experiencing ongoing benefits of Chiropractic treatment, Anthony decided to turn his passion for helping others into his career.

Anthony is passionate about providing high quality care for his patients and diving deep into the root cause of a problem, as well as educating his patients on the importance of lifestyle on their overall health and wellbeing.


Dr Clarence Ho

Adaptive Chiropractic founder Clarence Ho holds a Masters of Clinical Chiropractic. After being introduced to the health benefits of chiropractic at a young age following an injury, Clarence decided to pursue it as his life’s work.

Clarence is passionate about wellbeing and preventative care. He treats a wide range of people from infants to senior adults to elite athletes. Specialised in spine related treatments, Clarence also assists patients with pregnancy related pain, headaches and migraines.


Deanne Pegus

Deanne (Dea) is an energetic Myotherapist who is passionate about assisting her clients in having a better understanding of their body. Through assessment, treatment and management she aims to address your concerns and symptoms in which they present. Dea enjoys working with an array of clients she believes every treatment is individualised and is about finding what works for you.

Dea is a keen sports fan and is fortunate enough to work across an assortment of codes such as AFL, NRL, A-League and Cricket. Through the winter months she is often found working as a sports trainer for a local football club.

After finishing her Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy in 2016, Dea couldn’t get enough and is currently undertaking a double Bachelor of Health Science/ Applied Science in Chiropractic.

Outside of work and study Dea likes getting outdoors and being active. She also enjoys a good coffee.


Karen Fortunato

Karen Fortunato has a holistic approach to her treatments and is a strong believer in preventative care. Her manner is warm and welcoming but she has firm views when it comes to ensuring long term outcomes and pain relief for her clients. She specialises in pregnancy, acute and chronic pain, TMJ jaw issues and postural alignment.

Karen worked as a remedial massage therapist for many years before becoming a qualified myotherapist. In 2015 she graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science (myotherapy) and is an active member of the Myotherapy Association of Australia.

Karen also loves salsa dancing and singing. If you hear her hum during your consult, feel free to tell her to be quiet. She has yet to dance during a treatment but there’s a first time for everything…

William Camfield

Adaptive Chiropractic