Chiropractic care for Tradies

Being a tradesman is tough work. Most tradesmen have experienced back pain, neck pain and muscle stress and strain from heavy lifting, slips, falls and when handling materials. Chiropractic care can play a critical part to your health through preventative care, education on spinal care and exercise prescription. At Adaptive Chiropractic, we aim to help you recover from injuries so you can return to work faster, decrease pain and stiffness and most importantly, prevent further injury.

Common tradesmen complaints we can help you with

Chiropractic for better Posture

Long term back pain are common complaints amongst tradesman. We see sciatica, kyphosis and general pain as common ailments. At Adaptive Chiropractic we want to know exactly what is causing your chronic pain before offering treatment. We perform physical exams, digital scans and sometimes X-rays so we can properly diagnose you. Our approach allows us to be holistic and we will use various treatment methods to help your body regain strength and be pain free.

Acute Injuries

From heavy lifting and overuse, sudden pain can develop in your body. Unfortunately, this pain can often affect the quality of our lives and prevent us from doing day to day activities). At Adapt Chiro, we pride ourselves at being thorough and our goal here is to find specifically what is causing your pain. After the examination, if chiropractic care is suitable for you, we will explain and tailor treatment for you to help decrease your pain and get you back to work faster.

General Maintenance

A lot of our patients discover that chiropractic care is a viable solution to their pain whether it be acute or chronic. Whilst getting you out of pain is important, it is just as important to have regular check-ups once you are out of pain. Maintenance care consists of regular visits for the purpose of improving motion of your spine, decreasing pain and increasing mobility- much like going to the dentist for regular cleans! For tradesmen, this is particularly important as we understand that you need your body to be working as well as possible so you can continue working, take less sick days and be pain free.