Dr Clarence Ho

Meet Dr Clarence Ho

See Clarence for sports injuries, back pain, and headaches

Clarence is the Founder of Adaptive Chiropractic. He balances his natural go-getter drive with empathy, warmth and charisma, making him an adaptable and connected practitioner. He is inspired by seeing people build awareness of their bodies as they move into ever increasing and sustainable health.

His motto in life is 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…go! He brings energy and flow into the practice and leads by example. His colleagues describe him as accommodating, understanding and kind.

He’s a meditator, a Barry’s bootcamp veteran, and he’s been known to tinkle the ivories. In fact, he’s had a piano diploma since he was 15! With so many musicians at Adaptive Chiro, maybe they should start a band?

When Clarence isn’t busy working in or on the practice, he can be found wandering through Fitzroy gardens, having dinner with friends, or sitting quietly and contemplating the latest book he’s just read. His best advice is to trust in yourself and give openly. Namaste.

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