Back Pain

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Holistic Back Pain Solutions

Our approach uses the latest scanning technology, combined with thorough and methodical assessments, and finally safe and effective treatments to ensure a tailored and holistic back pain solution. We also educate to empower you for ongoing back pain management that you can take home with you and share with friends and family. With our convenient location, we are able to serve clients coming in from Melbourne, particularly Richmond.

Back Pain and Lower Back Pain

Back pain can range from frustrating to debilitating. It can stop you from doing the simplest tasks like tying your shoelaces to picking up your child or training for your next marathon…

With both upper and lower back pain, it is essential to diagnose the underlying cause of the symptoms as there are many muscles, ligaments and bones along the spine. We first make sure to identify the root of the problem before planning a chiropractic treatment so you get relief not just in the short term but also in the long run. After an initial thorough examination, if we believe you’re better off seeing someone else, we will refer you. However, if we can help through a tailored chiropractic plan then we will ensure you are treated with complete care and satisfaction.