Active People

Chiropractic care for Active people

Active people can experience many benefits from chiropractic care. Not only can it help treat injuries, it can also help improve performance whilst exercising, increase flexibility and improve recovery times. Chances of injuries can also decreases significantly as our goal is reduce irritation of the nerves which allows the body to function at its peak and have more awareness. Adaptive Chiropractic fits perfectly into your active lifestyle. With us, not only will you get quality chiropractic care, you will also get advice that will help you take your performance to a whole new level.

Chiropractic for gym goers

Most gym participants complain about pain from time to time and it can scare you from exercising as you don’t know if it will make it worse.  This is where chiropractic can step in. Chiropractors are able to accurately assess your injury or pain and give you the right treatment and advice to get you moving properly again.  Our goal is also to help prevent further injuries through the right exercises and stretches.  Physically active people who receive chiropractic care have reported faster recovery times, improved strength and endurance, and stronger immune systems. Be one of these people! At Adaptive Chiropractic we are effective at helping you get the most out of your gym sessions.  For safe natural relief from your pain, book your chiropractic appointment with Adaptive Chiropractic Richmond.

Chiropractic for Long Distance Runners

Runners are prone to posterior chain weakness or lower crossed syndrome both of which need adjustments for long-term correction. The most common injuries seen in marathon runners are overuse injuries such as shin splints, knee and hip pain. Chiropractic for avid runners includes a full evaluation of your current alignment, personalised adjustments, rehabilitative therapy or posture correction (depending on the condition of an individual). Adaptive Chiropractic focuses in treating various running-induced injuries through effective treatments and educating marathon runners about preventative measures. Having the correct footwear and other types of gear can boost your performance- however your body too needs to be at its peak to attain those PBs!

Chiropractic care for Crossfit & Extreme Sports

Injuries are an unfortunate part of extreme sports and Crossfit. Luckily, it’s possible to achieve full recovery with the correct approach. Regardless of the your choice of sport, chiropractic care should be a integral part of your lifestyle. The reason is simple; chiropractors work to keep your body in alignment to ensure optimal performance without aggravating your injuries. Additionally, chiropractic care doesn’t only offer adjustments- we can offer various personalised treatments customised for your condition and performance level. Here at Adaptive Chiropractic we design a treatment specifically for your needs, physical condition, and ensure your body is in alignment at all times. If extreme sports and Crossfit is your passion, then chiropractic care might be the proactive choice for you.