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We Are Back Pain and Lower Back
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Do you suffer from back pain, particularly lower back pain? Good news: here at Adaptive Chiropractic in Melbourne, we are back pain and lower back pain chiropractors, providing our patients with top quality lower back pain treatment that will ease your discomfort and change your life for the better.

Back pain can range from frustrating to debilitating. It can stop you from doing all kinds of things, from the simplest tasks like tying your shoelaces and picking up your child, to exercising effectively and perhaps training for your next marathon…

With both upper and lower back pain, it is essential to diagnose the underlying causes of the symptoms, as there are many muscles, ligaments and bones along the spine.

At Adaptive Chiropractic, we first make sure to identify the root of the problem before planning a chiropractic treatment so you get relief not just in the short term but also in the long run. After an initial thorough examination, if we believe you’re better off seeing someone else, we will refer you. However, if we can help you through a tailored chiropractic plan, then we will ensure you are treated with complete care and satisfaction.

Common causes of back pain

Did you know? Not all types of back pain are created equal. Pain can be caused by a variety of issues, including:

Muscular pain – Usually a tear or strain, this is a tight, sharp pulling surrounding the problem area that affects your range of motion and strength of the muscle group.

Skeletal pain – Usually related to the bone and/or joints, this often occurs during sudden movements. It is often a dull ache with increased pressure in the problem area; if the pain is very sharp and/or throbbing, it could be a bruise or even a fracture.

Nerve pain – Often only covering a small surface area, nerve pain often manifests as a burning and/or stinging sensation. Sensitivity to the area could be affected, and muscle weakness could also occur.

Holistic back pain solutions

Here in our Melbourne clinic, our approach uses the latest scanning technology combined with thorough and methodical assessments, and finally safe and effective treatments to ensure a tailored and holistic back pain solution.

We also educate, equip and empower you with ongoing back pain management solutions that you can take home with you and share with friends and family.

Your chiropractor in Melbourne that truly cares for your wellbeing

Adaptive Chiropractic is proud of our holistic chiropractic care approach. Not only do we use safe yet powerful chiropractic techniques, providing fast and effective pain relief, but we also want to support you to reach and maintain optimal health.

Our founder Dr Clarence Ho is passionate about wellbeing and preventative care. In addition to focussing in spine related treatments, back pain and posture correction, he also assists patients with pregnancy related pain and migraines.  He cares about not just his patients’ experience, but their education as well.

Quality care in our Melbourne clinic

Located behind Richmond’s Epworth Hospital right here in Melbourne, Adaptive Chiropractic provides outstanding back pain treatment in a warm and inviting practice. With our convenient location, we are able to serve clients coming in from Melbourne, particularly Richmond. We believe in providing a fun and safe working environment, not just for our patients but also for our practitioners! Want to know more? Contact us for more information on our back pain and lower back pain treatments, or make an appointment to see our chiropractor today.

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