Jaw Pain and TMJ Treatment

Jaw pain or “Temporomandibular joint” (TMJ) syndrome can be such a pain! It hurts to talk, it hurts to eat sometimes it hurts just to open your mouth. When the jaw pain is bad, in some cases it can even lead to headaches and tension around the neck.

Chiropractic treatment of the TMJ joint focuses on relieving tension in the muscles around the joints, using trigger point therapy to alleviate the jaw pain associated with TMJ. In some cases, misalignment of the jaw that results from bad posture or a pre-existing back problem can cause TMJ joint disorder. Our approach to TMJ treatment caused by misalignment in your neck and upper back is to perform chiropractic adjustments on your spinal joints around these problematic areas.  We also use cranial therapy to help alleviate tension in the skull to further improve painful TMJ associated symptoms.

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Effective Ongoing TMJ Exercises

With our chiropractic TMJ treatments and exercises, motion of your TMJ joint can improve and related symptoms such as ear pain, jaw locking, headaches, and neck pain can be reduced.

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