My First Month of Detox


Everybody loves the holiday season. After all, what’s there not to like; we get to spend quality time with our family, celebrate, drink a lot of good wine and eat lots of delicious food. Christmas and New Year are usually the holidays when we forget about a healthy lifestyle and opt to indulge in cocktails, drinks and other not-so-healthy things. I had a fantastic time and when January swung by, I knew I had to get my body back to where it was, so I started a 3 month no alcohol challenge with my friend so I can detoxify and start feeling fresh, re-energised and healthy.


Dry January


January detox or Dry January refers to avoiding alcohol for a whole month. January is a difficult month to most people. You spent most of your money during Christmas holidays, weather’s getting colder, you feel exhausted and all you can do is to moan and complain. It’s recommended to use this time effectively by detoxifying your body.

You probably already know a bunch of people who have already opted to avoid alcohol this month. In case you need more encouragement or good reasons why you should do the same, below you can see all the amazing benefits you’ll get by staying away from booze. As I don’t like to do things half heartedly, I’m jumping straight into a Dry Quarter more so than a Dry January! Here are some of the changes I have noticed so far;


Glowing skin

 Alcohol is, along with sun and cigarettes, a major enemy to our skin. Excessive consumption of alcohol can make our skin appear dry, flaky, and rough. Avoiding alcohol gives you spot free, radiant, and smooth skin.


Weight management

 If losing weight was one of your New Year’s resolutions, then you’ll love this benefit of avoiding alcohol. Due to the fact that alcohol is high in calories, it aids to weight gain. Also, alcohol doesn’t make you feel full which is why you tend eat more the more you drink. Staying away from the booze can help your weight loss endeavor. (I’m down 3kg so far!)


Stronger nails

 Excessive consumption of alcohol can make your nails become weak and brittle. This proves to be a major struggle when you want to have nicely shaped and strong nails. On the other hand, when you don’t drink alcohol, your nails can become stronger and healthier.


More energy

 This isn’t a shocker, actually. You know the scenario, the more you drink today, the less energy you have the next day. Dry January can increase your energy levels and you’ll want to become more productive instead of being lazy and complain about weather or money. Plus you get to perform better in the gym and get better gains!

chiro running



Reduced risk of chronic diseases

 Excessive consumption of alcohol is associated with heightened risk for many diseases and it also jeopardizes your liver. Doctors always point out that while having a drink from time to time does no harm, excessive alcohol intake can have a significant impact on your health and wellbeing.


Bottom line

 January detox can do wonders for your health and beauty as well. Avoiding alcohol will make your skin look better, hair shinier, and it will improve your overall health and wellbeing at the same time. You can also pair alcohol abstinence with health instead of junk food and you’re going to feel amazing. It’s needless to mention it’s extremely beneficial if you want to lose weight.