Neck Pain

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Neck Pain Treatment, Melbourne

Neck pain is a common complaint we regularly see at Adaptive Chiropractic here in Melbourne. It can be due to sleeping in the wrong position, sitting long hours at a desk, or even a recent injury. Whatever the cause, it can be painful having neck pain, as having that constant discomfort and pain can wear you down quickly. For many people, this carries on to the point where they struggle to concentrate and do simple tasks such as driving. 

 Adaptive Chiropractic specialises in neck pain treatment. We are experts in the investigation, diagnosis and treatment of neck pain. With neck pain, it is crucial to establish the cause and identify where the specific problematic areas are. Whether it be muscular, neurological or skeletal, we have the latest tools and techniques to provide you with neck pain treatment that will make a difference. And if we don’t have the solution for you, we will refer you to another specialist who can help. 

Common symptoms of neck pain

Do you think you might be suffering from neck pain? Common symptoms associated with neck pain include: 

  • Stiff neck  
  • Sharp pain 
  • General soreness 
  • Radiating pain 
  • Tingling, numbness, or weakness 
  • Trouble with gripping or lifting objects 
  • Headaches 

Your chiropractor in Melbourne that truly cares for your wellbeing

Adaptive Chiropractic is proud of our holistic chiropractic care approach. Not only do we use safe yet powerful chiropractic techniques, providing fast and effective neck pain treatments, but we also want to support you to reach and maintain optimal health.  

Our founder, Dr Clarence Ho, is passionate about wellbeing and preventative care. In addition to specialising in neck pain treatments, spine related treatments, back pain and posture correction, he also assists clients with pregnancy related pain, migraines and depleted energy. He cares about not just his clients’ experience, but their education as well. 

Quality care in our Melbourne clinic

Located behind the Epworth Hospital in Richmond, Adaptive Chiropractic is able to serve clients from all across Melbourne. We provide outstanding neck pain treatment in a warm and inviting practice, and believe in providing a fun and safe working environment, not just for our patients but also for our practitioners. 

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