Specialist Posture Correction

Many patients come to Adaptive Chiropractic initially because of a poor posture. In many cases they know their posture isn’t ideal, but they are not sure where to begin: posture braces, exercises, stretches or receiving treatment…

To provide the best posture correction and rounded shoulders solution for you, we first look for the exact areas causing the problem. We can then adjust and correct the spine alignment, allowing you to engage muscles that have been overcompensating over the years. As part of our holistic approach, we help you implement an ongoing management and care plan that you can take home to maintain a good posture for the years to come.

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Chiropractic Solutions to Correct Posture and Rounded Shoulders

Chiropractic care are a crucial step in the initial diagnosis and treatment of poor posture and rounded shoulders. However, one of the most vital step for your future wellbeing is the a good management plan, providing you with the right exercises needed to strengthen the right muscles, so your posture remains appropriately positioned and you can minimise the chances of reverting back to old habits.

Watch our video to learn how we correct posture and rounded shoulders.

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