The New Year is already here which means there are bunch of resolutions and goals you want to achieve. In order to make this year better and more succesful, it’s important not to give up and strive hard to accomplish everything you wanted. The best way to do that is to know how to set goals properly. In fact, your success depends on your ability to set your goals. To make things easier for you and help you achieve great things in 2016, let’s talk about a few simple ways to help you get there.


Goals should motivate

 \When setting goals for yourself it’s important to choose the ones that motivate you. Motivation is key to success and your goals should keep you motivated, not restricted or limited.

To ensure your goal is motivating; always write down why you want to achieve it.

Goals should be SMART

 Proper goal setting includes goals that are SMART. This means they should be:

  • Specific – goal should be clear and well-defined. This provides sense of direction.
  • Measurable – remember to include precise dates, amounts, and other details that will help you measure your success.
  • Attainable – goal should be realistic and achievable.
  • Relevant – goal should be relevant to your personal life, career, etc.
  • Time – every goal should have its deadline.

Here is a real life example

I have a goal to lose 3kg by March 31st 2016.

  • Specific – 3kg
  • Measurable – I will weigh myself weekly until I achieve my goal
  • Attainable – I gained over 6kg over Christmas!
  • Relevant – As a health professional, I strive to be as healthy as possible
  • Time – March 31st


Write it down

 Thinking of some goal or saying it out loud isn’t enough. When you write the goal down it becomes tangible, realistic and official. This way you have no excuse about forgetting the goal as you have the constant reminder.TIP: when writing your goal down, instead of would like to, could, might use will.



Have a plan 

It’s easier to accomplish a goal when you have a plan. For example, you can divide your goal into smaller milestones. Accomplishing one milestone will motivate you to accomplish the next one


Keep it positive

Regardless of what you want to achieve, you should always frame your goal in a positive manner. For example, if you want to stop eating junk food you should frame the goal to be more positive e.g. I’ll increase intake of healthy foods. People are better at accomplishing things they do want rather than avoiding things they don’t want.


Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself gives you a “push” into the right direction, it motivates you to become more persistent about things you want. Naturally, there are many ways you can reward yourself. For example, you can decide to buy something like or even to visit some place after you accomplish your goal, you can do or get something you like each time you accomplish some milestone successfully, or you can put certain amount of money into a jar whenever you make a progress so you can afford yourself a meaningful reward later.

Bottom line

Proper goal setting is all about being specific, positive, and dividing your goal into smaller fragments that provide direction. All you need to accomplish your goal is a strong willpower. Have a great 2016 and I hope you can smash all your goals!